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A Little about Our Host - Michele

Hello everyone! My name is Michele Elliott, and I have been married to my husband Matt, for 11 years. We are proud parents to our miracle infertility boy Conner, born 12/2/95, after 6 years of struggling with infertility treatments and emotions.

We live in New England, home to awesome fall seasons and wonderful winter playlands. I wouldn't want any other climate in the world - fall is incredible, as the trees all look like they have burst into vivid flame with beautiful colors.

I quit my full time job at a local CBS affiliate to become a career mom, and have never looked back. The first few months required a massive adjustment to the realities that stay-at-home moms have to endure, but once I found my niche, it was wonderful. I have never worked harder, and never enjoyed what I do so much.

When Conner was three, we started cycling to try and bring another miracle into the world. On top of my primary diagnosis of infertility, we are also dealing with PCOS now. After three IVF procedures, we did succeed, with twins, but lost them to a miscarriage at 7 weeks. I endured two bleeding episodes, five days apart, before the end of my pregnancy; I went in to my OB/GYN for an ultrasound that morning, and the hemorrhaging became intense. I lay on the table, watching this picture of my beautiful babies, their hearts beating like butterflies, while listening to the doctor insist upon a D&C. The bleeding was intense at this point, and I was extremely weak and dizzy, but I will never forget the loss I felt at that moment, and afterwards.

The diagnosis of infertility brought a wonderful gift to my life; it has taught me compassion and forced me to recognize my inner strength. I am finally able to say that my miscarriage has introduced something as well; the determination to support other couples experiencing loss and pain. I would never say that my experience happened for a reason, or that I'm grateful for such a tragedy - but I am insistent upon taking something positive away from it.



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