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Grieving Children and Siblings

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Helping Your Other Children
Explains how parents should be open, sharing their grief, rather than protecting their children from the sadness. Offers advice on what to say and when to say it.
The Raindrops
A cartoon-style story that provides a unique way to explain death to children of all ages.
The Waterbug Story
A story that explains death is merely a way to move into a wonderful new world.
How to Help Siblings Grieve
Phenomenal article from Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death's (MEND) newsletter, sharing her experience with helping her young son grieve his stillborn brother's death.
How to Help a Grieving Child
Wonderful resource on what to say and how to help a grieving child. Discusses what to and not to say when offering an explanation.
Children's Grief
An excerpt from a professional paper that points out several thoughts children often think and feel following a loss. Also explains how to help children cope with death.
Am I Still a Big Sister or Brother?
An article about the grief of children, written by Joanne Cacciatore.
Ian's Concerns: From a Child's Point of View
The author reveals her 8 year-old nephew's concerns and freights when she lost her baby. Invaluable insight into the mind of a grieving child.


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